Database Development

Database application development is the process of obtaining real-world requirements, analyzing requirements, designing the data and functions of the system, and then implementing the operations in the system. As a Database Developer, my primary focus is to creating new applications or expand the capabilities of existing databases. Please note that I am less concentrated on daily maintenance tasks (Database Administration) and more focused on changing and improving how organizations use data within the web application that we are building or improving upon.

The database management system (DBMS) is the software that interacts with end users, applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze the data. The DBMS software additionally encompasses the core facilities provided to administer the database. ~ Wikipedia

The world generates a lot of data — more than 2.5 quintillion bytes every day to be exact. And that number only continues to grow. Nearly every organization relies on databases to wrangle, organize and utilize their growing collections of data. That’s where database developer come in. Database developer ensure that database management systems (DBMS) can handle massive quantities of data.

Database development

My Typical Workflow:

  • Design new databases to meet the needs of the customers and users
  • Develop database code to perform specific tasks, such as building a like/mention/hashtag/follower system for a Full Stack social media app that we are building, or making data updates or deleting data.
  • Modify and upgrade existing databases
  • Ensure that new planned projects meet database standards and requirements

My Database Development Skills:

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Amazon RDS/Aurora
  • Amazon DynamoDB & DAX
  • MongoDB & MongoDB Atlas
  • AWS DocumentDB
  • FaunaDB
  • Redis/Amazon Elasticache


Harry is a motivated developer who focuses on completing any work that gets assigned to him, totally invested and dedicated to the project at hand. I had a great time coordinating with him due to his detailed reports and positive attitude. It never was a problem for him to communicate through Slack or via a call to define or solve any issues, even if that meant working outside his working hours due to the workload or timezone differences. Continuously finishing courses related to the field he's working on and other interesting/new technologies/frameworks, he was fast to share with the team any interesting tech-news that were related to our stack or project.

Adrià Pérez Gall - Lead Backend Software Engineer at Virtual Tools, Inc..