Harry Manchanda
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I am Harry Manchanda,
Software Dev.
Software Dev

based in India.

Harman Singh Manchanda (Harry), a Full-stack Developer who can build you web and mobile applications with an array of frontend and backend stack like React.js, React Native, Next.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Java Spring, Ruby on Rails, etc.

About Harry!

This is Harman Singh Manchanda (Harry Manchanda), a Full-stack Software Developer who can build you Full-stack apps with "React.js, Next.js, React Native, Vue.js or Nuxt.js ecosystem for Frontend Development" and "Node.js, Java Spring or Ruby on Rails ecosystem for Backend API Development" along with "Multiple Database options (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc)" to choose from for Data Persistence.

When it comes to Web API's, I can work with both REST API and GraphQL API.

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Applications and is a Java, Javascript, and TypeScript Developer and my current Full Stack Tech-Stack revolves around that for building Web Apps & APIs. I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Applications, and is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Developer Associate. I also know Python & Ruby.

Tech Stack

My Full Stack Services!

Building a product that is highly visual and interactive and the one that attract the attention of your end-user requires you to hire a Full-stack Developer with a substantial front-end expertise and a considerable back-end knowledge. If that is the case with you, I might just be the right choice. Find below listed the awesome services that I provide as a Full Stack Web & Mobile Apps Developer.

completed Web Development Courses at Udemy.

completed/gained Cloud Computing Courses, Certificates & Digital Badges at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

completed Web Development Courses at Frontend Masters.

completed Cloud Computing Courses at Pluralsight - A Cloud Guru.

completed Web Development Courses at Wes Bos.

completed Java Programming Bootcamps at Upgrad.


I first worked with Harry at VoicePing, where he demonstrated exceptional coding skills as a full-stack engineer and excellent collaboration abilities with other team members. He is a very sincere person, always putting in considerable effort and showing a strong willingness to learn new coding techniques and implementations. Harry consistently strives to deliver what is required, contributing significantly to the team's spontaneous workflow. Convinced of his abilities, I recommended him for a position at my current company, Antaa where he worked well at new projects as well.

Riko Kimura - Product Manager at アンター株式会社 (Antaa Inc.) .

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